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The KZ100 was my first street bike. I wanted a Harley but could not afford it at the time and I ended up picking the bike up for $700.00 back when I was 18 Years old. It was good looking and running bike. The in line four cylinder was very smooth and powerful but the bike was really heavy. I was use to fast and lightweight motocross bikes so it was a substantial change for me. It still had points in it which gave me some problems but other than that it was a good bike. I had the bike for about two years and had a good time with it especially the hundred mile rides out to college. I learned a lot on my first street bike but the important lesson I learned is that most people do not look for motorcycles and you need to drive on the defensive all the time.  I ended up selling the bike for a profit to another younger guy from Ohio. They rented a U-Haul truck and picked it up really late one night. Shortly after I sold this bike I bought my first Harley.  That was my 1971 Buick Lesabre convertible in the background.


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