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I started out this restoration getting the truck mechanically sound. This included changing all fluids, tune up, going through the brakes. I wanted to lift the truck and went with a 6" Skyjacker suspension lift kit. I also installed a Richmond Powertrax lunchbox locker in the rear differential. They call it a lunchbox locker because it fits in where the original posi or spider gears fit. This means you can install the locker without messing with the ring and pinion. As a side note the locker installed easily and is working great. You can hear it "clunk" a bit when it disengages. I removed the bed as part of the restoration and it worked out well to gain a lot of access to the back end of the truck. The frame was a bit rusty and I decided to use POR 15 so I could paint over the rust. The POR 15 has held up great. The stuff is expensive but it is worth it. It's like powdercoat in a can. Here are some pics of the restoration. I will add more posts on this restoration over the next couple of weeks.

IMG_1448.JPG  IMG_1451.JPG 

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