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My 1984 K-10 had a stepside bed from a 1978 chevy on it when I bought it. I like the look of a stepside bed so I decided to keep it. The problem is that it was in rough shape. You could buy all the metal to replace the whole bed from LMC but this would have cost around $1,500.00 or more. I looked for a southern rust free bed for a long time with no luck. I decided to buy new steps and the lower bed support and I would patch the rest. This was a lot of work. Rust is like an iceburg - you only see part of the rot but there is a lot more you don't see on the surface. It's not until you grind the area to good metal you see the real damage. The bed repair took a lot longer than I anticipated but it turned out good. If I was under a time crunch it would have been better to buy the whole panels and have a new bolt on bed.  I didn't replace the bed wood since I will use this truck as a truck. IMG_1800.JPG  IMG_1801.JPG  IMG_1802.JPG  IMG_1803.JPG  IMG_1804.JPG  IMG_1805.JPG  IMG_1806.JPG  IMG_1807.JPG  IMG_1808.JPG  IMG_1809.JPG  IMG_1810.JPG  IMG_1811.JPG  IMG_1812.JPG  IMG_1806.JPG  IMG_1813.JPG  IMG_1814.JPG  IMG_1896.JPG  IMG_1897.JPG 

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