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My next item to dig into the Big Red is the rear brakes. They don’t work at all and I can’t even rotate the arm that spreads the brake shoes to operate the brakes. What I found was a mess. See pictures and captions below for details.

IMG_6056.JPG  IMG_6057.JPG 
First step was removing the skid plate

IMG_6058.JPG  IMG_6059.JPG 
Next I removed the rear tire and the axle nuts

I then unbolted the brake cover from the final drive case and with a lot of penetrating oil and effort I slid the brake assembly off the axle. IMG_6061.JPG 
Ok here is what I found a lot of crap in the brake drum


Upon further inspection I found that the shoes had no lining. They must have disintegrated over time and the dusty remains were left in the drum.

I put the cover in a vice and tried to free up the arm. No dice. I will need to disassemble and clean.


Grungy. IMG_6089.JPG  IMG_6088.JPG 
I cleaned and greased the shaft and bushings and now it rotates freely. The seals for the shaft look good so I did not replace them.


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Back on the Big Red. Finished installing the rear brakes. This isn’t the easiest design to work with especially if the brakes have not been disassembled in a while. See pictures and captions below for more details on the job.

First task was to clean up the brake drum

IMG_6301.JPG  IMG_6302.JPG 
Next i used a bearing driver to install the new wheel bearing. Don't forget to install the snap ring.

New "Factory Spec" brake shoes.

New Brake shoes and springs installed. Installed sleeve into bearing inside diameter.

Slid the brake assembly onto the axle. Used anti seize on the splines and used Ultra black RTV instead of the gasket. Don't force the assembly on - line up the brake assembly to the housing (match bolt holes and put drain on the bottom) and tap in place using a dead blow hammer.
next place a new o ring on the axle.

Ok in this pic the brake assembly is bolted to the housing and the axle nuts are installed on the axle. The washer behind the axle nuts will push the o ring into place. Make sure the o-ring is lubed well so it doesn't get cut during installation.

Axle nuts tightened and used blue loctite on the locknut. The back wheels now spin free and the brakes work great. I have a couple of 1984 Big Reds and one of them I bought the owner said there is a problem with the rear end. Could just be like this one that it sat too long and the brakes seized up.

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