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Bright clean fenders are a great selling feature for an old Big Red. The fenders on this old big red were cracked and faded. I decided to restore the fenders using a product called Plastic Renew.  Before I got into restoring the finish of the fenders I plastic welded the cracks – see attached link for more details on this. http://forums.whatsintheshop.com/post/1984-honda-big-red-200es-cracked-fender-repair-allegany-county-ny-7782777 Before sanding I clean the fenders with wax and grease remover. Then I masked off the decals to protect them. Normally I would replace the decals but this is going to be an educational restoration. Using a random orbital sander I sanded down the fenders with 180, 220, and 400 grit. Wet sanding tends to work best. Depending how rough and how deep the scratches are will determine the grit size to use. Make sure you sand down all the scratches (within reason). Just like bodywork the plastic renew will not hide what is underneath it will actually enhance it.   See pics below of the restoration process.

IMG_6861.JPG  IMG_6862.JPG  IMG_6863.JPG 
Before pics

wet sanding fenders
IMG_6876.JPG  IMG_6877.JPG  IMG_6878.JPG 
This is what the fenders look like after sanding. Don't worry you did not ruin them.

IMG_6880.JPG  IMG_6881.JPG  IMG_6882.JPG  IMG_6883.JPG 
Pics of the fenders after 4 coats of plastic renew. The plastic renew is applied with a shop towel.

IMG_6890.JPG  IMG_6891.JPG  IMG_6892.JPG  IMG_6893.JPG 
Pics after 2 light coats of Rustoleum plastic clearcoat.

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