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Replacing the old, hard, torn, seat is just another part of the restoration of the 84 BIG RED. I got a replacement seat cover off of Ebay for around $30.00 including shipping. Before I even get started I will layout the new cover over the seat to make sure it looks like it will fit. Next I will remove the old staples in the seat pan (usually with a flathead screwdriver) and the old seat cover. At this time you need to take a good look at the seat foam. If it has chucks missing you will want to fill them in with replacement foam now since the new cover will not look good if the foam underneath does not have a uniform shape. A carving knife, some replacement foam, and some glue can be used to repair missing or damaged foam. In this case I was lucky and the foam was in pretty good shape. Now I spread the cover over the foam and make sure it is positioned correctly. Many seat covers have seams that follow the edges of the seat which helps with aligning the cover correctly. Once in place I stapled the front (two staples) and then stretched the cover and stapled the rear (two staples). Working back and forth and pulling and stretching the cover I finished the front and back. Next I used the same method for the sides. I use a pneumatic stapler and it works great. Many of the manual spring type staplers do not have the power to get into the seat pan. Keep an eye on your work as you go to make sure the cover is straight and there are no wrinkles in it. If you cannot get the cover to stretch tight you can use a heat gun to carefully heat the cover which will make stretching it easier.  I felt that the seat cover install went well on this one.

Before pic. A little tear on the top.

Removing the staples with a screwdriver.
  Foam was in good shape and didn't need to be repaired.
IMG_6913.JPG  IMG_6914.JPG  IMG_6915.JPG 
Results of this install were good. Another piece of the restoration done.

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