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I recently purchased a 1985 Army CUCV. This is a 1-1/4 ton 6.2 diesel  4WD truck. This thing is awesome. Anyways I am slowly making some upgrades in the effort to improve the reliability of this truck. One of the issues I read on the Steel Soldiers forum was that the starter relay can stick so that the starter stays engaged. This can burn up the starter and the wiring. I bought a 4 pole 200amp solenoid from my local tractor supply. This solenoid is used on some lawn tractors. The Napa part number is SME 7018601.See pictures and caption below for more detail. This job took about an hour an hour and I was taking my time.

The M1028 CUCV

First I remove the 4 bolts holing the relay panel in. Two of the bolts hold the diagnostic port bracket.
That is the original starter relay that is unplugged.

After I snip off the existing connector I will solder on some new terminals to connect to the solenoid.

relay wiring.jpg 
Next mount the solenoid to the panel and connect the wiring

IMG_5729.JPG  IMG_5730.JPG  IMG_5738.JPG 
Before I finish the assembly I used some liquid electrical tape to protect the terminals. You don't want exposed hot leads that could short out against something.

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