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The seat cover on the Warrior was in bad shape. It was faded and had a couple of rips that were taped over. The way the seat looks is a major visual defect when selling the vehicle.  A seat like this is easy and inexpensive to fix. I bought the seat cover off of ebay for $29.99 with free shipping. I used my 1/2" pneumatic stapler for this job. See pics below for the details. Also here is a link to a review on the pneumatic stapler I used. http://forums.whatsintheshop.com/post/central-pneumatics-harbor-freight-%C2-%BD-%E2%80%9D-pneumatic-stapler-part-46365-review-allegany-county-ny-7273346?pid=1285990591#post1285990591

This was the existing seat cover - ugly

IMG_4899.JPG  IMG_4902.JPG 
using a screwdriver to remove staples from seat pan.

Once all the staples are removed the seat cover is removed. Tex got in this picture - he wanted to hang out for this project.

I always check to make sure the replacement seat cover is the same size as the one you took off. This one is ok.

This is the pneumatic stapler I used to staple the cover to the plastic seat pan.

Staple the front first then pull the cover over the seat and then staple the back. Then staple the sides working from the front to the back alternating and stretching the sides.
I don't put a lot of staples in initially.
Once I know the fit is good I will add staples all around the cover.

IMG_4912.JPG  IMG_4913.JPG  IMG_4914.JPG 

Seat cover installed. I am pleased with the results. This job took about 45 minutes. My wife did help me staple while I stretched the cover.

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