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I finished waxing the Metrovert today and moved it out of the garage. It's done! Finally. I think it turned out well. I now have a convertible that gets 40 MPG all under $1,100.00 I did a lot of work on this car including bodywork, floor replacement, paint touch ups, buff out and wax. all fluids changed, tune up, new brake rotors, rustproofing, and a new convertible top. See my previous posts to see how this project progressed and check out the product reviews to see some of the products I used for this restoration. Below is a cost list for this project and some pics of the finished car.

$300 Initial purchase price
$260 New convertible top
$86 fluids and filters
$120 replacement rocker panels
$48 Touch up paint
$34 brake rotors
$55 Body work supplies
$23 distributor cap and rotor
$22 Service manual
$21 PCV valve and transmission filter
$46 new trunk struts
$12 new spark plugs
$32 Fluid film rustproofing
$12 Body trim clips
$12 new windshield wiper

TOTAL $ 1,043.00

IMG_3352.JPG  IMG_3353.JPG  IMG_3354.JPG  IMG_3355.JPG  IMG_3356.JPG  IMG_3357.JPG  IMG_3358.JPG  IMG_3359.JPG  IMG_3360.JPG  IMG_3361.JPG  IMG_3362.JPG  IMG_3363.JPG 
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