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I was not planning on doing this job but I found out that both of the rear leaf spring shackles were broken on my 1998 Ford Ranger. This truck has over 180,000 miles on it. I got the parts from Autozone and after initial inspection I decided to get the hangers too. I soaked all the hardware in Kroil and hit them with the impact gun but it was no use. I ended up cutting off all the bolts. You have to support the truck on jackstands and then let the rear axle down for this one. The leaf spring bolt on the one side did not come out after I cut the nut off so I drilled out the rubber leaf spring bushings (multiple 1/8" diameter holes around the rubber bushing) and then removed the whole bushing and bolt from the leaf spring. A new leaf spring bushing was provided with the new shackles.

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