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I decided to install an hour meter on my 2008 Polaris 600 RR snowmobile. An hour meter just measures the hours the engine has been running. This is important so you know when maintenance is due. This sled does not have an odometer so it is difficult to keep track of how much the sled has been used. I bought a Moose resettable hourmeter off of e-bay for about $20.00. The installation was really easy - you wrap the wire around one of the spark plug wires and then mount the hourmeter to the sled itself. I used Velcro tape to install the meter to the sled. The meters pickup wire was secured to the spark plug wire with some electrical tape. The install took about 5 minutes and now I will know how many running hours are being put on the sled. It is important to note that some hourmeters are not resettable. The resettable ones are nice so you can put them on other machines. The hourmeter works for both 2 and 4 stroke motors single or multi cylinder.

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