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It's mid July on an old Ohio state highway. The sun is shining and the wind is in my face. I take my left hand off the handlebar and point off into the distance. My wife and I are riding our Harley's from western New York to Nashville Tennessee not taking any interstate highways. I have been looking forward to this trip all winter - life is good. So what was I pointing at? If you asked my wife she would tell you right away that it was some old car or truck. Yes I love driving the back roads looking at those old cars and trucks that have been sitting in fields and barns for years. After I see them my mind immediately starts thinking how I would restore it if I owned it. Sometimes I would also think how could someone just let it sit like that and die a slow death? Ambition. As I get older I see how this can happen. It seems like we get to a comfortable point in our life and tend to lose ambition. I'm guilty too. My old K-10 sat in my driveway for six years before I restored it. In that time I had a few people stop over and ask if it was for sale. I always said I will eventually get to it after the next project. Staying ambitious to start and finish restorations can be difficult. Here are some things that have helped me.

Set goals- Set short term and long term goals. Not only set goals make a plan to achieve the goals.

Make lists - Weekly lists work for me. Every Sunday I make a list of what I want to get done out in the garage for the week. This works for me since it feels good to see progress and check completed tasks off the list. It also keeps me organized. I don't know why it works but it does.

Eliminate distractions- I don't have cable or satellite TV in the house. Instead of watching car restoration shows on TV I'm out in my garage listening to the radio doing the work.

Get comfortable- Investing in good tools and things like my motorcycle lift are huge. I have learned that if you are comfortable you will work longer and you will have a better attitude.

Get inspiration for others - I really like going to car shows and cruise nights to check out other peoples work. It tends to get me excited to work on my own projects.

Start making money - Starting a side business by selling parts or flipping cars tends to keep you in the garage and on task.

don't burn yourself out - know when to walk away for awhile to have fun, clear your head, and get new perspectives on your project.

Do interesting projects - This is self explanatory. If you are not interested in he project you won't want to work on it. Don't be afraid to try something new. The 1991 Geo Metro I just did is not a classic muscle car but I tell you I had a lot of fun with that little car.

Ambition keeps me busy, learning, mentally and physically fit, and loving life.

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