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The Diablo is running good and now I need to do some metal straightening on the tractor before I break

it down for blast cleaning and paint. The areas that need attention are the front bumper and the hood.

The bumper is bent a little probably from clipping a tree. The hood has a couple of dings in it and the

sheet metal behind the bumper is crunched. I will use the torch to straighten the bumper and I will use

the hammers and dollies to straighten out the sheet metal.

IMG_3751.JPG  IMG_3753.JPG  IMG_3758.JPG  IMG_3759.JPG 


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more straightening going on in the shop on the tractor of the Bolens Diablo Rouge. I straightened out the bumper, bumper mounts and the front nose sheet metal behind the bumper. I had to weld a tear in the nose sheet metal. I drilled a hole at the end of the tear to reduce the stresses there in hopes that the tear will not open up. This was probably overkill but only took another minute or two.    Mostly hammers, dollies and the anvil section of my bench vise were used. After I straightened the front end pieces I mounted them to see how it looked. This is an important step since you may think that you have it right but it may not line up with the other body panels.

After the front end was done I moved on to the hood. It had a dent in the right side that needed to be pulled. This was done by hammers, dollies, and a dent puller.

Now it's on to writing up a parts list and then full disassembly.

Hole drilled at end of tear to reduce stress

Tear MIG welded

Welding ground
Before the repair

Puttin the hammer down
after the repair

Hood before repair


Pulling the dents with a dent puller. I hole is drilled in the low spot and the dent puller is threaded in. The slide hammer of the dent puller pulls the metal outwards. You then weld and grind the drilled holes.

Hood almost finished. The goal is to reshape the metal so you only use a minimal amount of body filler to correct imperfections.

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