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I removed and cleaned the carb on the Diablo Rouge last night. Before I clean carbs I make sure to have the right cleaning tools on hand before I start the job. This would include some spray carb cleaner, brushes, and a source of compressed air. This is a Tilloston HR carb that I am not familiar with so I found a service manual for it on the Tilloston web site. I had some good parts diagrams and a rebuilt procedure. For this carb the only wearing parts should be the fuel pump diaphragms and the needle and seat. First thing I did was clean the outside of the carb thoroughly.

IMG_3674.JPG  IMG_3675.JPG 

Next I disassembled the fuel pump strainer and diaphragms.  If the diaphragms are dry and cracked or if they have holes they need to be replaced.



I found the needle was stuck in the seat. I disassembled the needle and seat and cleaned them with carb cleaner and then blew them out with compressed air. After cleaning I set the fuel height by adjusting the tab flush with the body.


Next I removed the low and high speed mixture screws noting their positions. The screws and passages were cleaned and blown out. After this I reassembled the carb and installed it back on the motor. Below is a video link of me starting the motor after a long storage period. It runs good and has a nice bark.

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