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I recently used my snowmobile lift to remove the carbide runners on my snowmobile so it’s a good time to do a review. I bought this snowmobile lift about 10 years ago for $199.99. It is a manual screw type lift that has contact points under the bulkhead and tunnel running boards. To operate you attach the handle to the lift screw and rotate the handle. Here is the good and the bad.



 Range of motion – The lift is low profile at “ when down and “ when fully extended

 Gets you off the floor- Laying on cold concrete gets less and less appealing as I get older. Lifting the sled off the ground saves my back and makes working on the sled more enjoyable since you can typically sit on a stool to work on the undercarriage or stand comfortably to work in the engine bay.

 Storage – The lift in the down position is very compact and can be leaned up against the wall when not in use.

 Sturdy – This lift has no problem lifting any snowmobile I have owned. It is also sturdy enough so you can run the sled and track in the lifted position.

 Portable – Lift easily fits in the back of a pickup. It only weighs about 25 lbs. This is god because sometimes it is easier to move the lift to the sled as opposed to moving the sled to the lift.

 Multi-purpose-  This lift can be used for some ATV’s and ATC’s



 Rubber Pad – The rubber pad on the lift used to protect the snowmobile bulkhead was thin and just glued on. This pad ripped and fell off after using the lift about 10 times.

 Rear supports-  The rear supports in the lifted position tend to get in the way when doing rear suspension or track removal. For these jobs I just lift the rear of the sled from the rear grab bar using a support beam on the ceiling.


All in all this lift is great and has given me no issues so I would recommend it to anyone doing regular maintenance on snowmobiles.

Sled lift sitting up against the garage


Jack slid underneath the sled

Pic to show the handle that comes with the lift. Rotate CW to go up and CCW for down


Sled is lifted at the bulkhead and the tunnel


Sled lift fully extended

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