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I purchased this press from Harbor Freight about two years ago for $149.00 I have used the press to press out wheel bearings from housings and remove and install universal joints from driveshafts. This is a tool that I don’t use very often but when I need it I need it. I have had many bearings that were not going to come out with a hammer and socket or using a bench vise for a press. The same goes for U-joints.  20 TONS is a lot of force. You need to be careful that you won’t break something. I was trying to remove a U-joint on a driveshaft once and I ended up breaking the ear off the driveshaft that held the u-joint cap.



Press came with arbor plates for fixturing

Height is adjustable from 6"  to  30"

Heavy duty construction

Price – it is pretty affordable to the average shop/garage



Made in China

No gauge to know the pressure you are exerting

Handle for jack is not very easy to use – the sections separate and are a loose fit into the jack. It is tough to hold a part and operate the jack at the same time. A new handle could be fabricated easily to solve this.


I would recommend this press. I think that 20 tons will handle most any automotive, ATV, or motorcycle application.

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