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Concrete is expensive. I know this after paying the bill when the 32’ X 52’ slab was poured for my storage garage. To protect this investment I use an epoxy coating made by U Coat It. It is a two part epoxy paint that is resistant to most any fluid that you will use in the garage or shop. If you have vehicles that leak fluids or if you are doing a lot of work where fluids could get spilled this coating will help protect the concrete. Oil will break down concrete over time causing it to soften up which usually leads to cracking. Not only that it doesn’t look good having stains all over the floor. Once coated the concrete is sealed so if fluids get spilled they don't penetrate through the coating and wipe right up. Many different colors are available and if you pick a light color it will help your shop lighting by reflecting light.

To apply the coating you first need to prep the surface. Attached are some pictures of my attached garage that I coated in the past. To prep the surface you need to clean the oil spots with degreaser and then wash it down with a muratic acid solution. The acid etches the concrete for the coating. It is very important that the surface is prepped correctly or the coating will not bond and it will peel. This means that if you need to spray some water on an oil stain and if it beads up you need to keep scrubbing. Once prepped you can seal any cracks if they exist. Next you put down part A of the coating and let dry. After that part B goes down. They give you abrasive that you can throw down so that the surface is not too slick. This is a good idea because the coating gets slippery when wet. Part B will take 24 hours to dry before you can drive anything on it. The kit I bought  gives you the coating, a mixing bucket, rollers, and stir sticks. You have to provide the paint roller wand and the muratic acid which you can buy at a hardware store. New concrete cannot be coated until cured and they recommend at least 30 days after it has been poured.

The coating kit for the shop in the pictures ( basically a two car garage) costs around $200.00 and for me it is well worth the money. The coating is about 7 years old now and still holding up great. I’ve spilled stuff on it, dropped stuff on it, and spun tires on it without any issues. I used the U Coat It on my storage garage concrete floor and it too has held up great so far.

If you have any questions let me know.


P1010002.JPG  Floor etched and rinsed

Part A painted. The tan areas are cracks that were filled in.
P1010005.JPG  P1010006.JPG  Part B painted - Finished floor looking good.


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When I did my floor , I cut some 1/2 ply wood in the shape of some old sneakers , I put about 12 1 inch long drywall screws through and then screwed the plywood to the sneakers from the inside down Into the plywood. It's a cheap way to get spike shoes like the pros wear which allows you to walk on areas that are already painted for popping solvent bubbles or back rolling .
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