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I've used this Craftsman Mode 16342  50 Foot 1/2" retractable air hose reel for about 2 years now. I bought it to help keep the shop clean and avoid tripping over air hoses and coiling the air hose by hand. This is one of those items that you wonder how you did without it for so long. I decided to get the 1/2" hose as compared to the 3/8" due to the extra volume I need for the media blasting cabinet. The reel assembly can be mounted to a wall and it includes the mounting bracket and the small length of hose to connect to your compressor outlet. The hose retracts and it can be spooled out in about 3 foot lengths. I think this same item is made by other companies - I believe they just put a Craftsman sticker on it.

THE GOOD - Price was good . I paid around $50.00 at Sears when it was on sale.
It has not required any maintenance since it was installed.
It helps keep the shop tidy
50 ft  length covers pretty much the whole shop and parts of the driveway

Made in China.
Sometimes the hose does not retract fully because the hose does not lay evenly on the reel. When this happens you typically need to spool out all the hose and then retract it.
The spool assembly is quite large as compared to other designs.

All in all I would recommend this item.

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