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My next review is on my Craftsman drill press. A drill press is a nice tool to have when fabricating or just drilling large diameter holes in metal. The drill press will have more power than a hand drill, can keep a constant speed, easier to accurately start a hole, and won't catch and twist your wrist. When I finally had my own shop a drill press was on my list to get. When I started shopping around I was disappointed that I could not find one made in the USA. I ended up buying the Craftsman drill press on sale for about $400.00. This drill press operates on 120 volts AC. It has a Jacobs keyless chuck and operates at twelve different speeds (300 - 3000 rpm) with pulley changes. It has a shop light, laser guide, depth stop, and storage tray on it. It have used this drill press for about 4 years without any issues.  Here is some good and bad.

Power - this press has all the power I have ever needed even drilling large diameter holes through 1" thick steel.
Keyless chuck - Makes bit changes fast and easy.
Laser guide - lets you know drill point location so you can fixture your piece without moving the drill head down multiple times.
Adjustability - Table height, drill speed, and drill depth are easily adjustable

Not made in the USA
No reveres rotation - I've have not needed this but it would come in handy if I had a piece that was stuck. 
Speed changes by pulley - This takes some time but a variable speed drill press would cost a lot more. Typically a 1/2" diameter hole will require three speed changes.

I would recommend this drill press as it has served me well for many years and it is much better than using a hand drill.

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