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Up for review is my Craftsman service cart. This was one of the tools that helps you work more efficiently.  It is a simple cart with two shelves and a handle. This cart works great for keeping your tools and parts away from the immediate work area which in most cases is my lift. I use it for daily work and it comes in really handy for assembly and disassembly. It is basically a movable storage cart - it sounds really simple and it is – the benefit is that I can wheel the cart away if I need more room or move the cart closer to the work without picking up a bunch of tools and parts. Having parts ad tools on the lift itself usually ends up with dropped tools and parts and rearrangement of the part and tools when I need space. Keeping the work area clean is a big benefit for me.  I typically load the cart with the tools, parts, and fluids I need for the job, do the job, and wheel the cart back to put the items back. This saves a lot of back and forth while working and during disassembly I have a place to store the parts away from the immediate work area. I bought this service cart from Sears about 2 years ago for $49.99. Note that I added the tray and the magnetic dish that you see in the pictures. I had to assemble this cart which took about 10 minutes. Here is the good and bad.



Construction – this is a heavy duty cart that can take abuse and heavy parts without bending. The paint has also help up well. The height of the top shelf is just right for me.

Maneuverability – The wheels (castors) work great even on dirty surfaces or over my fatigue mats without any issues.



Price – I think this is the same cart that you can buy at harbor freight for $29.99 with the exception of the Craftsman badge


If you have the room for it in your shop I highly recommend using a service cart. Once you do I think you will find that it will increase your organization and efficiency while working on your projects. I have had no issues with this service cart since I have owned it.

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