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Now that the foundation for my new shop has cured for 30 days I will use a coating on it for protection. Concrete is expensive so I want to protect it from tires and chemicals that it will see on a constant basis. I used U Coat it for my other shop floor and it worked out great but that was years ago and when I tried to order some more it wasn’t as easy to order it and it was more expensive. This got me to looking for other alternatives and I found a company called Epoxy Coat. Their claim is that the coating is solvent based and not water based so it is thicker and holds up better. MR. X on this forum has used it too with good results. The floor I needed to coat was about 900 square feet. This required about 2 kits (each kit covers 500 square feet). I bought the kits from Epoxy coat themselves. I bought the kits with all the application tools included ( brush, roller, mixer, acid crystals, and instruction DVD). Each kit was around $250.00. There are many colors to choose from and you can add color chips. You can also get a clearcoat if you want it super glossy. I didn’t get the clearcoat. The application was easy since this was a new foundation. First thing was to acid etch the foundation. The kit comes with the acid crystals that you mix with water in a sprayer. Once the pad was clean you mist water  on the pad and then spray the pad with the acid solution. Then use a coarse broom to brush in the acid. Next triple rinse the pad. Once the pad was dry mix the paint up and put it on the pad. This stuff starts to set up in 20 minutes so they don’t want you to leave the paint in the mixing bucket. Once you dump the paint on the pad then you use the provided squeegee to push the paint and then you back roll it. After 10 minutes of the first backrolling then you add the color chips and the anti skid (aluminum oxide). The coating dries for foot traffic after 18 hours and it is all set up after about a week. I built some spike shoes out of some old wood and ¼ -20 bolts and nuts. The spike shoes let you walk through the coating without creating a mess. The coating turned out well so far. I will eventually write a review after I have spilled stuff and run vehicles over it.

Pic after the prep was done
IMG_6277.JPG  IMG_6278.JPG 
pics of the spike shoes I made

Pics after coating was applied

full-kit-standard-labels.jpg  Kit contents


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