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My first car was originally my grandfathers car that was handed down to my uncle and then my brother and then me. It was a 1976 Chevrolet Caprice Classic 4 door. It had a 350 motor with a TH350 automatic transmission in it. It was a huge boat. 1976 was the last year for the big Chevy cars. The car was rusted pretty bad when I got it but it ran really well. For a big car it had a lot of power and could peel the one tire pretty good. I learned a lot about car maintenance with my dad on this car. I remember bad alternators, starters,  busted brake lines, and rust falling into my eyes. The car got terrible gas mileage but back then gas was under two dollars a gallon so it didn’t matter much. It had the old dial type AM/ FM radio with one speaker in the center of the dash and that’s all I needed at the time.  I drove the car for about a year or so but it got rusted out so bad it was all over but the crying. It was given to a cab company who was going to use the 350 4 bolt main motor that was still in good shape. I have many fond memories of the freedom this car gave me but I have no interest in ever getting another one.  


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