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The wife told me the other day that one of the outlets in the kitchen was not working. All of the other outlets on the circuit were working and the breaker was not tripped. I used my voltmeter to check the outlet voltage. It was only about 24VAC. I shut the power off to the outlet and took the outlet apart to check it out. Everything looked good (wires, connection, outlet). Finding nothing I needed to trace the line from the wall to the next connection. This took me to the basement. When I opened the junction box that contained the wire going to the problem outlet I saw melted electrical tape on the hot lead. I made sure the power was out to this junction box and took the tape and wire nut off of the hot leads. I found that there was a lot of corrosion on the wire ends and the wire nut. I cleaned the wire ends, installed a new wire nut, and retaped the wire nut with electrical tape. This fixed the outlet. I don’t know a lot about electricity but I think the corrosion was causing resistance that led to the voltage drop.

the bad outlet

diassembeled outlet and found no faults

Junction box in basement- electrical tape is melted

IMG_4963.JPG  IMG_4964.JPG 
pics of the corrosion I found.

Cleaned up and back to full power (120VAC) at the outlet.

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