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The buffer I am reviewing today is Central Machinery 8” buffer/grinder combo item #36127. It is ¾ HP and runs at 3,600 RPM. It operates at 115V AC. I bought this buffer grinder from harbor freight about seven years ago for about $59.99. I mainly bought this for use as a buffer but I found that the grinder on the other side came in handy because I can use a course grinding wheel on it so I don’t have to change out wheels on my other grinder. I have used this item intermittently mainly  to buff aluminum, stainless, and chrome parts for restorations. The stand was also bought from harbor freight at the same time I bought the buffer/grinder for $49.99. Below are the good and bad I found with these products.



Price – $59.99 is a great buy for this product. I’ve definitely got my money’s worth out of this. There are American made buffers but due to my budget at the time and the intermittent use I did not go with it. I just checked on a Baldor ¾ HP buffer and it was listed at $500.00 +

Power – ¾ HP is all the power I have ever needed buffing.

Results – This buffer along with the wheels and buffing components have polished many dull parts back to a bright finish saving me money, time, and making my projects look better. The only part I need to polish on my current project is a front bumper. I polished half the bumper quickly and included the pictures below.


Made In China

Only one buffer wheel – Even though I like the grinder for me it would be better to have two buffing wheels


Buffer Stand


Height – the height of the buffer when mounting on the stand is just right for comfortable buffing – I’m 6ft tall

Storage – The stand has shelving to keep your extra buffing wheels and compounds in one place

Sturdy – The stand is bolted to my concrete floor in my shop and does not flex or wobble when I am buffing

Price - $49.99 was a good deal in my book


No shelf covers – buffing can be a messy process especially if you use too much compound. What I found after a while is that the buffing compound and grinding dust was contaminating my buffing wheels and compounds. I just duct taped  garbage bag over the shelves to stop this but it would be nice if the stand had a built in cover for the shelves.


In conclusion the buffer and stand was about $110.00 which is a great deal. I am happy with the results this buffer provides and I have had no issues with it over the years. For intermittent use I recommend this buffer/grinder. If you are buffing regularly you may want to go with a Baldor buffer but if not you can save some money with this setup and use the extra cash to buy your buffing wheel and compounds.

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