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   I had many pins and bushings on my old Case 580 Super E backhoe that would not take grease using my pneumatic grease gun. I decided to try the IPA Grease Fitting Rejuvenator. This product claimed that it would free up grease fittings and passages that were clogged. Since this machine had many plugged fittings I thought it would save me some time as opposed to disassembling the pins and mechanically freeing up the grease passages in the pins. The tool works by filling it with penetrating oil, put the coupling on the grease fitting, then tap the end of the tool to force the penetrating tool into the clogged joint to soften the hardened grease so fresh grease can pass through. So after I purchased the tool I used it on all the stuck joints. What I found was that none of the joints were taking the penetrating oil. I put the tool onto the fitting and tapped the end but the piston was not going down into the tool body so this told me that the penetrating oil was not being deposited into the joint. I used WD-40. I waited about an hour and tried again with the same results. I tried again a week later this time using Kroil. Again nothing. Waited an hour and nothing - the stuck joints were not free at all. I ended up taking the pins out and removing the dried hard grease with an awl to free up the passages. After that the fittings took fresh grease just fine. In my opinion this tool is a waste of money ($49.99) as it did not work as claimed. Another issue is the length of this tool. It is not good for tight spaces and the flex house they provide is just awkward to use. I should have trusted my first instinct after removing the grease fitting seeing dried hard grease to just disassemble and clean. If I use this tool on another application I will post an update.

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