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I had to clean the foam air filters on the KLX 650 and the KTM 450 EXC this week so I thought that it was a good idea to do a review on the cleaner that I have been using. The cleaner is made by Maxima and the part number of the aerosol can is 79920. The cost was about 6 bones per can. This cleaner is also available in a gallon size so you can put it I a spray bottle. I use this cleaner on foam filters only. Below is the good and bad on this product and I also included pictures of the cleaning process using this product.


Fast cleaning - After spraying to the filter you just have to let it sit for 60 seconds. In this time the cleaner will break down the filter oil and all the other crud attached to the filter. Take a look at the pictures below you would never know the filter was red looking at the dirty picture and in less than five minutes it is clean. If you know anything about foam air filter oil it is sticky stuff that is hard to remove. This cleaner cuts right through it. It easily washes off with water.

No caustic chemicals - The chemicals work well for cleaning but they are easy on your hands and the filter foam. I still wear rubber gloves when I use this product.

Value - A little goes a long way. I can usually clean about a half dozen or more really dirty filters with one can. I learned the hard way that dish soap and other degreasers don't work well with filter oil. You definitely want a purpose cleaner for this process.


Stinky - This stuff smells really bad. My wife is never happy seeing me carrying a filter to the kitchen sink.

Availability - This stuff is readily available on line but many motorcycle dealerships around here don't carry it. It is also unavailable at the auto parts stores around here (southwest New York State) 

Dirty filter out of a KLX 650 
spray it on inside and out and then let it sit for a minute or two

Next agitate it in warm water with dish soap

Rinse with water from the inside out

Let dry and oil once completely dry. This cleaning took less than 5 minutes. You wouldn't have guessed that this filter was red looking at it dirty.

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