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Ok since wintertime is here and the outside hose and pressure washer are packed away I wanted too be able to clean ATV engines and frames without using degreasers that would stink up the garage. I decided to buy a Mccullogh MC 1275 steam cleaner for around $100.00. The steam cleaner comes with everything you need like a measuring cup, funnel, brushes, and extensions. The cleaner is simple to use - just fill it with water - turn it on and wait for 8-10 minutes. There is a light on the unit that will go out to tell you it is ready. I used the cleaner this weekend on a greasy 1985 Honda BIG RED 250ES. Here is the good and the bad.


45 minutes of continuous steam - this is more than enough steam for most jobs

no chemicals - no need to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from solvents and no chemical smell in the garage

not sloppy - what I mean by this is that I cleaned the engine on my Handy lift and it did not creat water puddles under the machine.

Alternate uses- If I find this cleaner does not work well in the garage I can give it to the wife to clean around the house ( I guess it works well in bathrooms and on floors) 

Cleans well - I found that it did a good job on the engine. Note I had to use a wire brush along with the steam to get it clean. I tried a spot with just the wire brush and no steam and it did not as work as well as using the steam.

Long electrical cord and steam hose


visibility - I had to cut the steam off after awhile because it created a cloud so I could not see my working area.

Brushes - there was only one brass wire brush attachment for the nozzle. I felt that there should have been some more heavy duty brushes included.

Loud - steam coming out if the nozzle can be loud at times

electrical components - you need to be careful to protect electrical components during steam cleaning. This is easier said than done since the steam will deflect off surfaces and is hard to control. This is not a problem with this unit just steam cleaning in general.

I think this steam cleaner is a good alternative to engine degreasers and power washers but don't expect it to just vaporize the grease away. I found that you still have to do some scrubbing to get it clean. I need to use the steam cleaner so more this winter before I can recommend it or not. See pics below of cleaning results on the motor.

Steam cleaner and accessories

Just add water (filtered or distilled) plug in and wait 8-10 minutes
Once this light goes off steam is ready

IMG_6631.JPG  IMG_6633.JPG 
motor before cleaning

steam cleaning

After cleaning

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