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I recently used this product on a solenoid for one of my trucks. I honestly did not know it existing until I saw it on a youtube video. This product is brushed on as a thick liquid and dries to have a texture just like electrical tape. It is a weatherproof protectant for wiring and electrical connections. I bought this product at AutoZone for about $6.00. Here is the good and the bad.



Useful – I used this product on exposed solenoid terminals. These terminals are threaded and use a nut and ring terminals. To wrap the terminals with electrical tape would be difficult and may not provide complete coverage. The application I used this product on has exposed “hot” leads that could be shorted to ground accidentally.

Easy Application – This product has a brush attached to the cap to apply the product. It is thin enough where it will run into all the crevices.



Drying time/ Recoat – The recommendations per the package say that 2 coats are necessary and the dry time between the coats is 10 minutes. It also says to let the product dry for at least 4 hours minimum before restoring power. This is a big drawback if you want to make a quick repair.

I recommend this product to protect exposed wiring/terminals where electrical tape or shrink tubing cannot be used easily.

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