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Good tunes flowing through the shop while I am turning wrenches keeps me motivated. I'm not taking about a boom box here. Since I spend a lot of time in the shop I didn't mind shelling out some dough to outfit it with some quality audio components. The size of the shop will play a big factor in setup. I have a long and narrow workshop and a larger garage area. I started with 4 speakers in the garage and found the sound wasn't good in the workshop area. I added 2 speakers to the workshop area and that was just right. I hug up the speakers to keep them out of the way and focus the sound to where I typically work the most.

The stereo is a Sony  model STR-DH520 and I have 2 JVC and 4 Sony bookshelf speakers. The head unit has the capability of an external input. This is great because I can hook up my MP3 player and have commercial free tunes. The external input also allows me to hook up my laptop so I can use programs like Pandora to stream music or hop on the internet and stream podcasts.  

The only issue I have run into is overheating the head unit when I really have it cranked up loud. To fix this I just installed a fan next to the head unit to blow some air across it. Even though the temperature in the garage is below freezing for many occasions in the winter I have not had any issues with the speakers or head unit.  Another consideration is the radio antenna. I found that a lot of power tools will interfere with the radio and cause a lot of static. Antenna placement and/or a suppressor may help this. I never looked into this because I live in a rural area and we really don't have good radio stations.

I use the stereo every time I am out in the shop so it was a good investment for me. It's nice to tune out a day at work with a good project and your favorite music playing. A good audio system is just another component to a comfortable productive shop.

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