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Chicken wings. That's what I was thinking about a snowy Sunday afternoon in Februaray as I was gathering up my helmet, ski mask and googles to ride my snowmobile to the bar. Ten wings hot with a can of PBR. Just as I was making may way to the door the phone rang. I was expecting this call since the trail conditions were great " is the snowmobile still for sale?" I paused for  second thinking about the ride, wings, and the beer. Yes I said.

The call was for a 1996 Ski Doo formula III. This was the last of three sleds I had for sale and I knew if I sold it I would be done riding for the winter.  I knew the day would come and it did. The guy didn't even dicker on the price and the sled was gone. Man this is gonna be a long winter I thought. 

Earlier that winter my wife told me that she really wasn't that interested in snowmobiling any more. My plan was to sell the three sleds and buy a newer sled on the cheap at the end of the season when the snow was gone. I did buy another sled that March late in the season. It was just one snowmobile. After having three snowmobiles at one time I almost forgot how much easier this was for me. This meant one sled to get ready for the season, one sled to register, one sled to insure, and one sled to buy parts for. 

Having multiple vehicles was a norm for me. I had multiple classic cars, trucks, motorcycles, dirt bikes, and atv's. I used to find good projects, buy them, fix them up, and sell them. The problem I discovered with having all these vehicles is that you have no time to enjoy them all. Last year between the cars, trucks, and motorcycles I had eight New York state inspections to do. Hell I have a 1985 Honda FL350 Odyssey that I always had a blast riding that didn't get ridden once last summer. I told myself this is getting out of control. I decided that it is time to slow down and embrace some easy living. I have made a list. As much as I love working in the shop it's time to spend more time riding and driving than wrenching.

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