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I recently picked up a Spectre universal fuel filter for my  Diablo Rouge project at my local Auto Zone for $9.99 I have used these universal fuel filters in most of my cars and trucks over the years. These filters work great for older vehicles with dirty fuel systems because they can be disassembled, cleaned, and reused. This can save a lot of money in filters over the long run. I have had the filters on some of my vehicles for over 5 years without any issue. This filter is not designed for use with fuel injection. The filters can be used for ¼”, 5/16”, and 3/8” fuel lines which fits most cars, trucks, atv’s, and snowmobiles. The filter comes with different threaded ends that screw into the filter body. The filter end caps are sealed to the glass body with O-rings. I have disassembled these filters many times and have not experienced a leaky filter. These filters also use a replaceable element that can be used if you cannot clean the element sufficiently.


Replaceable elements – if you have many vehicles you can just buy the cheaper replaceable elements (6.99 for 3) after you purchase the filter

Versatility- the filter comes with threaded ends for ¼”, 5/16”, and 3/8” fuel lines so the filter can be used for applications with different fuel line sizes

Cleaning – Another great feature is that the filter can be disassembled so you can take it apart and clean it. I have cleaned these filters many times without using a new element successfully without any issues.

Visibility – the glass center shows how much dirt is in your fuel system.


Price- if you don’t plan on keeping the vehicle using the filter for a long time then it will be cheaper to go with a throw away in line filter

Size – The filter may be too big for applications with a short fuel line like a motorcycle or ATV.

Made in China

Cannot be used with fuel injected vehicles

I recommend this fuel filter if you want a quality in line fuel filter that can be reused over and over again.

IMG_3730.JPG  IMG_3731.JPG  IMG_3733.JPG  IMG_3734.JPG
  IMG_3732.JPG  IMG_3735.JPG 
IMG_3736.JPG  IMG_3737.JPG 

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