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Sticker on is a spray made by hardline that is used to help align decals.  It also helps  avoid bubbled and wrinkled decals. You spray the stick on the back of the decal and it allows you to slide the decal into position on the surface. It reactivates the adhesive when it dries. I bought a two ounce bottle for about 5 bucks a couple of years back from the Dennis Kirk catalog. Here is the good and the bad.



It works as advertised – This product takes most of the frustration away from applying decals. Just clean the surface, spray sticker on to the back of the decal,  place the decal on the surface, slide the decal on the surface into position, work the bubbles out, and then let dry. The best part about this product is that it lets you position the decal on the surface without wrinkeling, tearing, or losing the stickiness. Many of the reproduction decals used for restorations are expensive. This product lets you play around before you get it right.

Price – 5 bucks sounds like a lot for a 2 oz. bottle but I have used the same bottle on about 50 decals. A little goes a long way



Over application – What I mean is that you can use too much. If you do the decal will slide too much and won’t stay forcing you to hold the sticker in place to make sure it cures in the right place. You learn quick how much is enough. If you don’t use enough the sticker will have too much stick and will not slide.


I recommend this product if you plan on installing decals on a vehicle. I typically use this product with every decal I put on since I have ruined expensive decals in the past trying to take them off to reposition and end up tearing them.


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