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I have been doing a fair share of soldering lately so it is a good time to do a review on my soldering iron. The soldering iron I use is made by Weller. The model number is 8200 . It runs on 120VAC and is a “gun” style soldering iron with a pistol grip. It has a high and low power (140W/100W) setting that is adjusted by the trigger position.  I bought this soldering iron for $30.00 from radio shack about 6 years ago. It comes with a carrying /storage case and some extra soldering tips. Here is the good and bad.



 HI/LOW Power settings – The high and low power settings are good since you can use this soldering iron for both thick and thin wires.

 Pistol grip – the grip for me is better for control as compared to a standard soldering iron.

 Trigger on/off  - When the trigger is released the iron cools down quickly as compared to a standard soldering iron and you don’t have to unplug it to turn it off. It also heats up quicker than a standard soldering iron.



 Large size – This soldering iron is big so it cannot get into places like up underneath car dashboards like a standard soldering iron can.


All in all I recommend this soldering iron. It works much better than my cheap standard plug in soldering iron. I have replaced two tips on this iron and other than that no issues. If you are looking to upgrade your standard soldering iron the Weller might be a good choice.

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